Workshop Description

In this workshop, you will learn the concept of the container, Podman Architecture, Use-cases, and Practical implementation of Operations which you can do with podman.


Understanding of Basic Command-line and Linux

What you will Learn

  • Introduction of Container
  • Introduction of Container Management Tools i.e Podman
  • Architecture of podman 
  • Running Container with podman
  • Inspect a container
  • Podman Volume 
  • Port-forwarding


  1. Install podman
  2. Run a container
  3. Container with a persistent volume
  4. Inspect IP  the Container
  5. Create a Custom Network

Steps to Grade the tasks

  • wget
  • sh

Content Creators

  1. Shiwani Biradar, Intern, Linkedln Profile
  2. Ruchika Gaikwad, Intern, Linkedln Profile