Exercise Description:

In this exercise, you will learn how to get IP address of any running container.

Quick Example:

let’s explore how you can find out the IP address of any running container. before that, you will run an httpd container so you can find the IP address of the running container.

step1: Run an httpd container with the name mycontainer using the httpd image.

step2: now check whether that container in a running state or not.

step3: After that inspect the running container using container ID or the name of the container. Podman inspect will list out all the information about the container like image name IP address operating system of image etc.

$ podman inspect mycontainer | grep IP 

This will show you words that contain IP words so that you can find them easily.

so this is a way, you can fetch the IP address of any running container


Host Mario game of name mymario on port number 18081. Get the details of the port number 18081