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The current ERA is all about DevOps where Container and Kubernetes are playing Vital role in DevOps Lifecycle, From the past Corporate Experience of Mr.Ashutosh S.Bhakare he has designed a unique Internship model for students who are keen to kickstart there career in DevOps. In this program student will learn about Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins, GIT, Azure & Google Cloud (AKS and GKS).

Ashutosh S.Bhakare 

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Our one of the experience Trainer, Awarded As best Red Hat Trainer two times in a Row, Doing corporate training for APAC region, visiting most of the Indian IT Hubs ( Bangalore, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad, Delhi) Singapore, Australia, Indonesia, Phillipines, for delivering his expert session to the corporate. He Has Indepth knowledge on Openshift, Ansible, Docker, Kubernetes with production ready use cases

He is more passionate about opensource technologies, enthusiastic trainer having certified on Kubernetes CKA and CKAD both, RHCI, SCI, JBCI, RHCA XI*. Had delivered more that 50+ Corporate training exclusive on Kubernetes and Docker.

Student will learn the each technology, in terms of production scenario, with handy examples, and in class assessments to verify the quality of training.

Linkedin Profile –

Passionate about DevOps, GIT, Jenkins, Openshift Development, Doing corporate training since last 4 years. Had experience with CI / CD pipeline and DevOps use-cases.

He  is Suse Certified Instructor , RHCI, RHCSAv8, RHCE, holding  Jenkins, GIT, Ansible skills !

He Has Indepth knowledge on Jenkins, GIT, Ansible, Docker,with production ready use cases



  • Introduction to container.
  • Introduction to docker
  • Installation
  • Running container using docker
  • port -forwarding 
  • Inspecting a running container
  • Dockerfile, 
    • Docker Instructions like ADD, COPY
    • RUN, CMD, ENTRYPOINT, healthcheck
  • Creating image from running container.    


  • Introduction to public cloud 
  • Introduction to Azure platform
  • Microsoft Azure management tools.
  • Virtual machines in Microsoft Azure.
  • Web Apps and cloud services.
  • Create and configure virtual networks.
  • Cloud storage.


  • Introduction to Google Cloud Platform
  • Intro Security groups 
  • Virtual machine in Gcloud
  • Creating instance with tags


  • Introduction to kubernetes
  • Introduction to key terminologies
    • Pod, Namespaces
    • Deployment
    • Service and Types
    • Daemon-sets, Probes
  • Installation of k8s cluster on cloud 
    • Introduction to AKS – Azure 
    • Introduction to GKS – Google 
  • Introduction to service types
    • Nodeport
    • Load Balancer
  • Hosting application on cloud k8s cluster
    • Demo of httpd ot mario game
  • Introduction to yaml file
    • Creating application using yaml file
    • Demo
  • K8s with HPA on cloud.
  • Monitoring an Application / Cluster
  • Deploying 2 tier application on AKS / GKS
  • Persistent Volumes and Use cases on Azure / GCP
  • MultiContainer, InitContainers
  • Secrfets, Config Maps
  • Ingress, NetworkPolicies


  • What is CI?
  • Basics of configuration and build tools and plugins
  • Creating a Development Environment.
  • Version Control using CICD
  • Introduction to Jenkins.
  • Jenkins and Docker Integration
  • Jenkins and Kubernetes Integration
  • GIT and Jenkins
  • Introduction to Topology of Master/Slave in Jenkins.
  • Deploying simple applications using Tomcat server.

Final Projects:

  1. Deploying Moodle Server on AKS / GKS using Kubernetes 
  2. Deploying Online Video Meeting Application on AKS / GKS using Kubernetes 
  3. Deploying LMS on AKS / GKS using Kubernetes 
  4. Labsharing Online for Colleges using Kubernetes 
  5. Mysql External LAMP
  6. Network Policies , Generator 

Fees Structure:

The normal fees for this Internship is 4000/- only.  If you are a student of Unnati development and training center  and Done / Doing PCE / Openshift then the fee is 2000/- only.


This Internship will be of 30 days in total in which 25 days of actual project building and development and 5 days for submission process.

Eligibility Criteria:

The eligibility criteria for this internship is:

  • Basic Linux Knowledge Recommended not mandatory
  • Any student who has interested in IT field can join this program like BCA, BSC, MCA, MSc, BE, BTec, Me, etc.
  • College student with valid college I’d.
  • Age must be less than 25 years.
  • Will provide Internship certificate and Covering letter to the students.

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