Project Description


Two billion containers a week means that for every second of every minute of every hour of every day, Google is firing up on average some 3,300 containers. It’s probably started over 40,000 since you began reading this. Datacenter now a days using containers (CAAS) to deploy there microservice applications, due to the light weight features of container, which help organisation to deploy, manage and update the application life cycle management easily. Using Containers Data Centres can achive HA, Load Balancing features on top of VM, Cloud / BareMatel.


First time in the Training history Unnati is launching Container management course which covers vendor neutral training on docker, rkt, buildah, podman and skopeo tools

Exam Included:

  • Linux Academy Certified Container Administrator LX101

Outline for this course

  • What is Container
  • Need of Containers
  • Containers and Microservices Architecture
  • Introduction to Different container management Tools
  • Docker
  • Introduction to docker
  • Installation
  • Running container using docker, port -forwarding
  • Inspecting a running container
    Dockerfile,  Docker Instructions like ADD, COPYRUN, CMD, ENTRYPOINT, healthcheck,
  • Creating image from running container
  • Docker networking in detailed
  • Dealing with Private / Public Registry
  • Podman
  • What is runc ?
  • Runc vs Podman
  • Introduction of podman
  • Installation
  • Running container with podman
  • Inspecting a running container
  • Running a Pod using Podman
  • Podman security
  • Podman networking
  • Buildah
  • Introduction
  • Installation
  • Running container with buildah
  • Dockerfile using buildah bud
  • Skopeo
  • Introduction & Installation
  • Inspecting an image
  • Copying an image
  • Private registry authentication
  • When to use buildah and podman
  • Key Difference
  • Private registry server
  • Rkt
  • Introduction
  • Installation
  • Running container using rkt

Training Partners

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95 percent Of students say they are better prepared to maximize the value of Red Hat products after training

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the one that is going to get hired.
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