Project Description


Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a full suite of cloud computing products that allow developers to build all sorts of robust online experiences. In this course, we’ll give a brief overview of the various services that make up AWS, explaining how they work together.


This course will give a a basic understanding of cloud computing: what it is, how it works, why you’d use it, that kind of thing. This course focuses on the specifics of AWS within that context. In this course you will learn about AWS Cloud from basic. Which will give you a unique understanding of AWS cloud which will help you with your IT career. The course is delivered in offline as well as online mode, in which our trainer explains the concept and also demonstrate the concept practically.

Exam Included:

  •  This Course does not Include any examination.

Outline for this course

AWS Overview

  • Whats is AWS? Features of AWS
  • AWS Infrastructure – Regions, AZs, and Endpoints
  • AWS Core services (Compute, Storage, Networking, Database)
  • AWS Compute services (EC2, ECR, EKS, Lambda, etc)
  • AWS Storage Services (S3, EBS, EFS, Storage Gateway etc,)
  • AWS DB services ( RDS, Redshift, DynamoDB, etc)
  • AWS Networking Services (VPC, API gateway, Route53, etc)
  • Lab – Introduction to AWS management console

AWS IAM and Security

  • Terminologies in IAM – users, groups, policies, roles
  • AWS IAM users and groups
  • Lab – User and group creation and access account
  • Permissions to IAM groups and IAM roles
  • Lab – IAM roles creation and using different policies
  • Lab – IAM policies Json example
  • SOS and Multifactor
  • Lab – Apply SSO – Single Sign On
  • Lab – Multifactor authentication for IAM user account
  • Lesson end project

AWS Elastic Cloud Compute – EC2

  • Introduction to AWS EC2
  • AWS Amazon machine image , AMI Marketplace
  • Lab – Linux instance creation and accessing on AWS
  • Lab – Windows Server instance creation and accessing on AWS
  • AWS – EBS
  • Lab – EBS volume creation , Attaching to Linux instance
  • Lab – EBS volume and volume snapshot
  • AWS – Elastic File System, EFS Vs EBS
  • Lesson end Project

AWS Virtual Private Cloud – VPC

  • Default VPC Components (VPC, Subnet, Route Table, Gateway and Endpoints
  • Lab – Create custom VPC
  • VPCs and Subnets for networking infrastructure
  • Internet Gateway and NAT Gateway
  • Lab – Create Public and Private Network
  • Lab – Instance launching on Private and Public subnet

Amazon Storage Services

  • Amazon S3
  • Lab – Create and access AWS S3 bucket with public access
  • Version control system and Amazon S3 policies
  • Lab – Working with S3 bucket policies and access using AWS CLI
  • Amazon S3 Glacier
  • Lab -Implement S3 Glacier storage
  • Amazon price calculator
  • Lesson end project
  • Lesson end project

AWS Database Services

  • AWS Database Overview
  • Types of AWS Databases ( Relationsl, Key-Value, In-memory)
  • Amazone RDS – Db engines (AWS Aurora, MySQL, MariaDB, Oracle, MsSQL Server, Postgrace
  • Lab – Create DB in AWS Console
  • Lab – Create table in AWS using DynamoDb or MySQL
  • Lab – Try to run Query on created DB
  • Lesson end Project

AWS Load balancer, AWS ECS, AWS ECR, and AWS EKS

  • Introduction to AWs load balancer
  • Types of AWS load balancer- LB
  • Lab – Create Application LB
  • What is ECR and ESC services of Amazon ?
  • Lab – Demo by trainer for ECS and ECR
  • What is EKS service of Amazon?

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